Design Philosophy

Fireflies Play Environments Inc.


  • Seeks creative solutions for challenging sites
  • Incorporates environmental site design and, or play equipment
  • Responds to site-specific ecology and natural and cultural history
  • Incorporates storm water education, environmental education and restoration of native plant communities and pollinator corridors.
  • Involves local artists in design of environmental and public art specific to the site context and character

Nature Adventure Play Design

Nature Adventure Inspired Play Environments for Magical Lifetime Memories

FireFlies Play Adventures MN State Fair

 Numerous studies establish a correlation between outdoor play and the cognitive, physical and social development of children. The benefits to children also include improved focus and memory, increased creativity, and enhanced problem solving.

It can be challenging for children to explore their individual capabilities with the structured options offered in traditional playgrounds. Children need ‘free range’ and a high degree of self- determination to gain the full developmental benefits of play.

Our Natural Adventure Play Environments can be designed based on our customers’ vision, needs, budget, resources, and the site opportunities.

MN State Fair

Fireflies play environments MN State Fair

A nature adventure play area that offers ideas for your backyard.


Adventure Play Yard

Fireflies Play adventure play yards

The real deal   -   The antidote to the virtual world


Play environments that engage children and the natural world