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Fireflies Play equipment Goric

Goric is the national distributor of several playground equipment manufacturers featuring innovative playground equipment which have not been readily available on the American market previously. They are always searching for new equipment that complement our current line with the same basic principles: aesthetic appeal, play value, compatibility with the American and Canadian safety standards, high quality materials and workmanship as well as longevity of the equipment. 

They work with Landscape Architects, cities, schools/PTO’s, day cares, museums, designers and planners; they provide all drawings, specifications and information needed to create the playground design according to the client’s wishes.


Goric has established relationships with European playground manufacturers and many other friendships outside of their regular playground lines.  

Fireflies Play Equipment Goric

Please feel free to contact us if you have seen a cool playground but you don’t know where it is from or if it is available in America. We may be able to help you or at least point you in the right direction! 

Fireflies Goric Play Enthusiasts

Goric are play enthusiasts driven by the goal of creating play environments where children of any age and ability can play creatively and develop to their full potential.  

They work with manufacturers that have a long history of building high quality, reliable and exciting playground equipment.  


Children are influenced by all aspects of their environment. Colors, textures, smells, sights, size and sounds all combined create an environment that can facilitate new understandings of the world around them.   

 Each of our manufacturers go to great lengths to conserve energy, purchase electricity from renewable sources, eliminate waste and use sustainable locally sourced raw materials. 

Fireflies Play equipment Goric

Playgrounds are not only built for children to develop their physical abilities but they are also the perfect place for social development and interaction between children and adults of different ages. 

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Kaiser & Kuhne

A Goric Partner, Kaiser & Kuhne's goal is to provide toddlers, children and adolescents through high-quality playground equipment as much fun as possible and to stimulate, promote and expand intellectual development through innovative game ideas. 

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Spiel Bau


Their creative landscape architects have the "know-how" to transform your ideas. Furthermore, they place a high value on natural design.

Fireflies Playground Equipment Spiel Bau

For Spiel Bau there is no better  moment than now to create newly designed playground equipment.


Children at Play with Spiel Bau

Products are ADA, CPSC, ASTM, TUV, ISO 9001 compliant