Play is at the root of knowledge

PlayCore is inspired by the creativity and motivation of the communities they meet.


They are committed to building stronger communities around the world by advancing play and recreation.


PlayCore believes it is important to encourage outdoor play and finds ways to reconnect children with nature and play. 


Fireflies Play Environments, Inc. is pleased to offer our Playcore Partners for your Park and Recreational projects.  

Play and Park Structures

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As one of PlayCore's partners, Play & Park Structures believes in creating engaging and exciting playgrounds that encourage imagination and creativity, while promoting the healthy development of a child’s physical and creative potential.  

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Play & Park Structures believe PLAY is essential for people of all ages and abilities 

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Research & Funding

"Innovation is the key to the future, but research is the key to innovation."

Research & Education

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PlayCore's network brings together unmatched scholarly leadership and academic expertise in a team of experts dedicated to incorporating validated research into everything we do. To stay on the forefront, they partner with renowned research institutions, major universities, and scholars to enrich the play and recreation discipline and ensure that best practices have a voice. 

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Funding & Innovative Solutions


PlayCore assists to help connect communities to the funds and other resources they need to make their dream play and recreation space a reality 

Their complete solutions are where research, program, and product all come together. The solutions help communities get active, build capital & promote connectivity. 

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Play is essential for all ages and abilities